Operations Research Analyst V

Location: Fallbrook, CA
Date Posted: 06-28-2017
CJSeto Support Services, LLC is looking for qualified support personnel with TOP SECRET clearances (active or inactive) for contingent hire to provide NSWC Corona, Fallbrook Detachment with Operations Research Analyst V support.

This person must have the ability to communicate clearly with upper management and flag-level staff, work well under pressure and excellent customer service/problem-solving skills combined with excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
Conducts analyses of management and operational problems and formulates mathematical or simulation models of problem for solution by computers or other methods: Analyzes problem in terms of management information and conceptualizes and defines problem. Studies information and selects plan from competitive proposals that affords maximum probability of profit or effectiveness in relation to cost or risk. Prepares model of problem in form of one or several equations that relates constants and variables, restrictions, alternatives, conflicting objectives and their numerical parameters. Defines data requirements and gathers and validates information applying judgment and statistical tests. Specifies manipulative or computational methods to be applied to model. Performs validation and testing of model to ensure adequacy, or determines need for reformulation. Prepares reports to management defining problem, evaluation, and possible solution. Evaluates implementation and effectiveness of research. May design, conduct, and evaluate experimental operational models where insufficient data exists to formulate model. May specialize in research and preparation of contract proposals specifying competence of organization to perform research, development, or production work. May develop and apply time and cost networks, such as Program Evaluation and Review Techniques, to plan and control large projects. May work in association with engineers, scientists, and management personnel in business, government, health, transportation, energy, manufacturing, environmental sciences or other technologies

Provide System and Process Engineering Support in the following areas:
Statistical Analysis
Modeling and Simulation
Operational Analysis
Mathematical Analysis

Position Requirements and Qualifications: 
  • Minimum 12 years of experience in Operations Research or related field
  • Master's Degree or higher  
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